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About Us

Spotlight Productions believes every child has a natural talent. 

It is our mission to develop that talent, self-confidence, and self-esteem in a non-stressful environment. 

Spotlight Productions is a Musical Theatre Summer Camp for kids ages 8-18 located at the Susan S. Goode Theatre at Virginia Wesleyan University. We offer kids an experience like no other offered for their age group in the area. We believe in every child deserves to be in the spotlight so we make the show fit the actor. Day 1, we have a big audition to fit your child in the best role for them! Throughout the week, each child will receive onstage and offstage acting training, character analysis, script reading, dance and music training and experience understanding how to put a show together in a very short amount of time - all while building relationships and making new friends. We are a family here at Spotlight and hope to welcome you soon!



Spotlight Productions is unique because:

  • Over 20 years of experience working with youth

  • The staff are trained educational professionals

  • A full musical production is mounted during the camp

  • Camp size is smaller than other camps in the region

  • Camps utilize professional quality facilities in a safe environment

Instead of making the actor fit the show, we make the show fit the actor.  


We do that by:

  • Not requiring auditions to attend the camp.

  • Every participant has a speaking part and a chance to shine in the production.

  • Exposing every participant to all aspects of stage craft.

  • Providing differentiated instruction in music, dance, acting, and stage craft

We hope you join us for our 2024 season!

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